שישי11 ינואר

Rave 1101 - special night!

פתיחת דלתות:23:00
לערוץ האמן

Rave 1101 - special night!

Music producers from Israel will play their tracks at the party.

Live electronic concerts, analog synthesizers and a torn microphone!

Keep the course on quality and vibe coz we a raising the scene of broken rhythms in Israel!

Meet the line-up:

Ra Djan produces music in different genres and performs with live instruments:

Tibetan throat singing, guitars, jaw harps.

This year he was already roaring on the stages in Berlin and Amsterdam and on the 11th of January he will rock the Ozen bar with his spell bounding cyber shaman show.



FB Force is one of the most famous industrial breakbeat producers in Russia

and the main sound producer of the biggest classical breakbeat label in the world (not breaks)

- Criminal Tribe Records! Performs exceptionally live with a huge set of analog synthesizers and the coolest vocalist Ido.



KILDDM music is known in the underground of England and Israel.

He plays anв produces uncompromising jungle and breakcore and he will delight us with powerful rhythms! KILDDM is true to raw jungle vibes tradition!


RaGi is a super DJ! Known and loved by all Israeli fans of broken rhythms. Get ready to shake the bones!

On 11 of January an unforgettable night of excellent Israel music – massive party!

Live electronic, live show, energetic vibes!

http://radjan.space  - תאזינו לנו!

Friday 11/1

Doors: 23:00

Enterance: 40\50 NIS