As a natural development of the Third Ear Group (HaOzen HaShlishit), the OzenBar Club opened in 2008, and together with the well established music and cinema stores, it serves as a unique attraction for art and live music lovers in Israel.

From folk to pop, rock to noise, funk-groovy to hip-hop –  OzenBar offers daily live shows of leading contemporary artists, nostalgic performances and one-time reunions. The club also produces and hosts great parties, stand-up events, poetry evenings, and lectures on any subject.


The OzenBar Café is located at the entrance to the performance areas. Here you can relax before the show or right after it and enjoy a singular menu of snacks, beers, and central Tel Aviv vibe; Happy Hour daily and play lists chosen by OzenBar specialists.

…We recommend arriving with great appetite for food, drink and rock ‘n’ roll


The exclusively designed club, with its advanced sound and screening systems, is the perfect location for private events, birthday parties, symposiums, exhibits and conferences.

The OzenBar complex also includes intimate screening halls suitable for private, romantic or social events, which along with our indulging bar offer an experience combining the love of rock ’n’ roll with the joy of movie watching.

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48 King George St. Tel-Aviv
at the corner of 1 Ben-Zion Blvd.



Office Hours: Sun.-Thu. 9am-5pm
Tel-Aviv, 48 King George Street


172, 129, 125, 82, 72, 66, 63, 61, 48, 47, 39, 25, 24, 5
these buses come and go to the city, Ramat Aviv, Ramat Gan, Givataim, Holon, Bat Yam, Petach Tiqva, Ramat Hasharon, Hertzelia & Raanana


the entrance is from the age of 18
smoking is not allowed in the club, only at the coffee downstairs - in the open air
the hours written are the opening hours. shows start about an hour after we open the doors

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